Kucing VS Anjing

Salam ...

   opps! ha, korang pernah tengok kucing baik dgn anjing tak? kalau realiti lah. tak pernah? kesiannya ... kalau camtu, pernah2kan lah ek! he he. okeylah, kepda yang memang tak pernah tengok kuching baik dgn anjing secara realiti, jom tengok ni ...

Sinopsis :

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (known simply as Cats & Dogs 2) is a family movie. Kitty Galore, a hairless Sphynx cat, is fed up with dogs and her fellow cat comrades, so she decides to take over the world and enslave the humans.

Diggs, a police dog, and his mentor, Butch, are selected by the Dogs HQ spy force to stop her. Having no other option to stop Kitty Galore, the cats join forces with the dogs with additional support from the birds to block Galore's evil scheme.

Meanwhile, Kitty Galore gains the aid of the mice (One of them is also seen as her pet) and the main antagonist from the first film, Mr. Tinkles. Cats and dogs must now work together to save the world, and their humans.

P/S : Awasi kucing anda!


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