SPM English | The Curse : Synopsis

Salam ...

In The Curse, Azreen takes time off from her studies in
London, UK to returns to her village in one of the 
legendary islands of Langkawi, to mourn the loss of her
older sister, Madhuri. Butas it turns out, she has to confront
the mystery that shrouds her sister's sudden death
in suspicious circumstances.

Was it just her imagination that Madhuri was in danger?
Azree felt a chill. The words that she had overheard the
day before came back to her. Puan Normala had been
talking to a few women and did not realise that Azreen
was just in the next room and
could hear her every word.

"You won't believe me, but I'm telling the truth. 
I saw her," hissed Puan Normala. "It was no accident.
It was murder. Listen to me and keep this in mind.
This is just the beginning." The women chuckled
nervousely. But Puan Normala continued.
"Laugh if you like. You'll soon see.
We're all cursed."


tengkorakemas berkata...

dalam sukatan form five ke ni?english literature?menarik!

Keyrill Eduardo Willeyhem berkata...

@tengkorakemas ha'ah, dah ada yang baru menggantikan The Pearl dulu tu ... hehehe! best citer nih ... bnyak misteri! :) yeap, english literature!

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