SPM English | The Curse : Part 1/5 (Plot)

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The Curse SPM Novel | Part 1/5 (Plot)

Azreen Salleh returns to Malaysia from London

Prologue : A gruesome find in the rubber plantation
  • Azreen returns home from London because her sister Madhuri has passed away.
  • It is rumoured that she has been murdered and that she "bled white blood".
  • Puan Normala is telling everyone that Madhuri has put a curse on the village.
  • Azreen's foster parents Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkifli (from Penang) pick her from Pulau Langkawi airport and drive her to the ferry point to her village, about half an hour away by boat.
Question :
Compare the personality of Azreen and Madhuri ...

1. Azreen :
  • stubborn
  • fiery-tempered
  • short
  • pretty
  • bespectacled
2. Madhuri :
  • Soft-spoken
  • beautiful
  • well-liked
  • always spoke her mind
  • filial


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