SPM English | The Curse : Part 2/5 (Plot)

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The Curse SPM Novel | Part 2/5 (Plot)

The Day Of Madhuri's Burial

1. Azreen has arrived home. Madhuri's body has been taken to the mosque for burial.
2. The main characters in the story are introduced :
  • Salleh Abdullah
  • Azreen's mother
  • Abdul Ghani
  • Mohd Asraf
  • Madhuri's mother
  • Puan Fatihah
3. First conflict between Azreen and her father
  • Azreen takes her crippled mother to Madhuri's burial in her wheelchair.
4. Salleh Abdullah orders her to take her mother home. Azreen stubbornly refuses to do so.
5. Abdul Ghani calm his father in-law down.
6. Datin Sharifah wheels Azreen's mother home.
7. Azreen meets Mohd Asraf after the funeral.
6. Azreen see Madhuri's mother for the first time that night , "as a dark shape, like a woman with streaming black hair".

Question :
1. Azreen is angry with her father for two reasons :
  • because her father not allowed her to see Madhuri's dead body.
  • Azreen's father always compares her unfavourably with Madhuri.
2. Why does Azreen take her mother to Madhuri's funeral?
  • She want's to tell her mother the truth that Madhuri is dead.
3. What is wrong with Azreen's mother?
  • She have an alzheimer disease and have only one leg.


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