SPM Novel | The Curse : Plot Part 4

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The Curse

1. It is now 3 days after Azreen returns from London.
2. The rain starts. Madhuri's mother places a curse on Salleh Abdullah by killing a chicken and spilling the blood on his doorstep.
3. Asraf's grandmother, Nek, is ill.
4. Azreen recieves a letter from Julian in London. Enclosed is Madhuri's letter to Azreen.
Madhuri's letter :
  • Madhuri is waiting for Azreen to returns from London for holidays. Madhuri has exciting and important news for Azreen.
  • Madhuri respects and admires Puan Fatihah. She does not know that Puan Fatihah hates her.
5. Azreen still love Asraf.
6. Five days after the rain starts, Azreen's mother passes away.
7. Azreen grieves deeply for her sister, Madhuri and her mother.
8. On the night after her mother's burial, Azreen sees Madhuri's mother outside Madhuri's room. A short time later, a fire erupts in Madhuri's room. One side of the room is destroyed.
9. Azreen goes to the Old Lady. The Old Lady talks to Azreen about forgiveness, " ..... once you have forgiven ... you're finally free."
10. Asraf comes to the Old Lady 's dwelling to ask for help to cure his grandmother.
11. Azreen defends the Old Lady from Puan Normala and the mob outside Asraf houses.
12. Azreen's father breaks up the fight between Normala and Azreen.

Questions :
1. Who killed the chicken on Salleh Abdullah doorstep? Why?
  • Madhuri's mother because she wants to put a curse on Salleh Abdullah.
2. Who removed the dead chicken? Why?
  • Awang the bomoh because he wants to protect Azreen.
3. from the contents of Madhuri's letter to Azreen ...
  • We know that she is planning to divorce Abdul Ghani and marry Asraf.
  • She does not know that Puan Fatihah hates her.
  • Madhuri is an innocent and naive person.
  • Madhuri admires Puan Fatihah.
4. The Old Ladytalks to Azreen about forgiveness because she knows Azreen has much anger and hatred in her heart againts :
  • Salleh Abdullah
  • Asraf
  • Madhuri
5. Pages 189 : "Salleh Abdullah waded slowly home ... she was too much like him." In what ways is Azreen like her father?
  • Strong
  • Protective
  • Independent
  • Fierce
  • Proud
  • Stubborn
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