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After Madhuri's Burial

Day 2 after Azreen Returns
1. Azreen visits the Old Lady. Her Dwelling in the jungle smells of flowers and herbs mixed with burning wood. the Old Lady confirms that Madhuri had been murdered and that Abdul Ghani had covered it up.

2. Awang the bomoh steals a chicken for a sacrifice to protect Azreen and her family from harm.
Awang flashback :
  • he had snuck into En Mohan's farm to borrow some tools, and let the gate open. The bull escaped. Asraf was blamed. Azreen told En Mohan she was the culprit, thinking to save Asraf from being sacked from his part-time job at the farm. just then Azreen's parents hit the bull with their motorbike and Azreen's mother lost a leg. Azreen was severely punished by her father.
3. Azreen's mother remembers :
  • Madhuri loved Azreen. Madhuri burned her finger badly because Azreen was jumping about in the kicthen, but still tried to protect Azreen from her father's beating.
4. Azreen remembers how concerned Madhuri was when she had buried the frog in the mud. Madhuri secretly left a big kuih in Azreen's room the night she had not eaten dinner after a beating, for taking mangoesteen from their neighbour's fruitrees. Azreen recalls her kindheartness and love.
However, he still cannot forgive Madhuri for taking Asraf from her.

5. Azreen's father is cold towars her (don't care anymore).
6. Azreen find Madhuri's torn photographs in her room.
7. Azreen's mother loves and misses Azreen, even though she is a trouble-maker, not like Madhuri.
8. Friendship resumes between Azreen and Asraf.
9. Azreen's father rejects Datin Sharifah's and Datuk Zaulkifli's friendship,but they still help Azreen with her living expenses in London.

Questions :
1. Noor :
" . . .  it's my mouth. I can say all I want. If you don't want to listen, you can just leave this place." Discuss.
  • Because it's hurts people feeling, space and privacy.
2. The Old Lady :
Society cast her out of the village for killing her husband. Is this justice? Discuss.
  • No. The villagers should find the truth why she killed her husband before cast her out of the village.
3. Salleh Abdullah did not welcome the wheelchair given by Datin Sharifah. What does this show about his characters?
  • Indipendent
  • Proud
  • Slf-sufficient
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